Carlingford Road N15

A beautiful three-storey townhouse, very poorly repaired and neglected by the previous owners.


The facade showed multiple fractures along the join to the bay and main building, to the bay stonework and sub-cills. Multiple layers of paint had been applied over the years, most likely due to many pointless attempts to cover and disguise the structural issues.

Scope of Work

  • Removal of the multiple layers of paint covering from all of the brickwork, stonework, and sub-cills.
  • Multiple helibar repairs approx. 45 l/m – strengthening the existing fracture points and also to tie in the very badly bonded brickwork to the join of the main building and the two-storey bay.
    Complete rake out and repoint in lime putty mortar
    350 brick repairs
  • A huge amount of stone restoration repairs to the entire facade, including a complete cut back and stone restoration to the and ground floor bay sub-cills.
    Ground floor plinth works – removal and reinstatement using lime mortar, including new period-style air vents