Helical Fracture & DPC Repair Methods

Most period properties show visible fractures to the brick/stonework and understandably this is a cause of concern to any home owner. Typically, they are due to age/badly performed previous repairs.

Providing movement is not an on going issue (i.e subsidence), we can re-instate structural integrity using our specialist Helical Fracture Repair Method. An example of this method is shown in the pictures to the right on desktop and below on mobile. Rest assured, Finelay Construction are industry leaders in all aspects of Helical Fracture repair works.

Internal damp issues are equally concerning, they must be addressed proficiently to ensure the maximum integrity. Replacing the original Damp Proof Course with our specialist DryZone DPC injection method provides the maximum protection from damp and moisture ingress below the DPC line.

Helical Fracture & DPC Replacement Page
Helical Fracture & DPC Replacement Page

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Helibar Replacement Process

The bed joint (horizontal mortar joint) is typically cut out to a depth of 40mm, 500mm either side of the fault and @ 300mm centres along the fracture line. The joint is then completely cleaned of all dust and debris.

A joint sized twisted stainless steel helical bar is chemically fixed into the bed joint and compacted, providing maximum integrity.

This process provides stability to fractures and prevents their reappearance over time.

Helibar Repair Process
Helibar Repair Process
DPC Replacement Process

DPC Replacement Process

Ground level damp issues are typically due to either the finished ground level being set above the DPC or failing of the original Damp Proof Course.

Our specialist Dryzone DPC injection method will address most low-level damp issues. We drill and inject a new DPC along the bed joint @ 90-100 mm centres and then plug them with a mortar stopping joint.

It is then left for a minimum of 4 weeks to allow the chemical to spread across the bed joint, creating a new DPC.

Our master craftsmen are available to assess and provide quality solutions for low-level damp issues.

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