Brick Cleaning & Covering Removal

Unloved period properties with dull or discoloured brickwork due to carbon/surface grime build-up look very tired and unattractive. We can bring back both beauty and vibrancy that have been lost after decades of neglect using our specialist brick cleaning process.

Brickwork concealed behind layers of paint/cement-based covering destroys aesthetics. More importantly, it’s the main cause of ongoing or future damp issues. Applying paint or render creates a barrier, preventing moisture held in the building from escaping outwardly – thus encouraging moisture to travel inwardly, showing as damp patches.

Thankfully, we can remove all such coverings, using our specialist techniques. Restoring your properties integrity and increasing the re-sale value!

Brick Repair & Replacement
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Paint Removal

Brick Cleaning Paint Removal BeforeBrick Cleaning After

Brick Cleaning

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Render Removal

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Brick Cleaning Process

Our brick cleaning process varies with each project. Bespoke tailored to the specific brick type and staining or carbon build-up. All window frames, glazing and door openings to the facade are sealed and covered using specialist tape and corex sheeting, providing maximum protection before any brick cleaning works are performed.

Then the facade is washed down with a high-pressure jet to loosen surface grime. A specialist brick type approved chemical is carefully applied and removed/neutralised using a high-pressure jet.

This process is repeated if necessary depending on our clients expectations. For clients that do not wish to have a fully cleaned facade, we can tailor brick cleaning to leave some carbon and staining. The picture supplied shows a typical example. The finish is described as an “Antique Clean”.

Brick Repair & Paint Removal
Brick Repair & Render Removal
Brick Repair & Render Removal

Paint & Cement Based Covering Removal to Brickwork

Period properties should never be suffocated using paint or cement based coverings. The age old design of  constructing period properties using lime mortar, is amazing. Naturally encouraging the release of residual moisture outwardly.. allowing the building “to breathe”.

All fails when a barrier is applied – such as paint/render/pebbledash/ covering or waterproofing agents. The residual moisture cannot escape outwardly – thus “suffocating the building”. Moisture takes the easier route (internally) showing as damp patches.

Finelay Construction are experts in the removal of all paint and cement based coverings. Using our extensive knowledge and traditional techniques, we will ensure that your property is able to “breathe” again.

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