Stone Restoration & Replacement

Many period homes are constructed using combinations of brick and beautiful stonework.

Areas of stone will inevitably show signs of delay over time. If left unattended, the decay will worsen, eroding the stone further, potentially leading to costly structural issues.

Owning a property with correctly maintained stone details adds both beauty and value. Finelay Construction are industry leaders in all types of stone repair/replacements. Our master masons will have the correct solution for all defective stonework.

Stone Restoration & Replacement
Stone Restoration & Replacement
Finelay Construction

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Stone Restoration Method

Stone Restoration & ReplacementStone Restoration & Replacement

Stone Replacement Method

Stone Restoration & ReplacementStone Restoration & Replacement

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We are available to undertake a free site survey and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Stone Repair & Restoration Method

Our stone repair/restoration method is cost effective and provides a visually correct solution to defective stonework.

The area is first cut back to a sound base and stainless steel dowels are inserted if necessary. Next, a bonding agent and reconstituted stone mortar are applied to the area.

The detail is then carefully shaped and restored to match the original by our master craftsmen, using traditional handmade tools and methods.

Stone Restoration & Replacement
Stone Restoration & Replacement
Stone Restoration & Replacement - Plinth Work

Stone Replacement Method

Bespoke stone replacement works are typically undertaken in circumstances when the stone has lost its integrity and beyond our stone restoration/repair method.

The method involves propping the area and removing the defective stonework. We then install a bespoke commissioned piece (to the original detail), using either natural or re-constituted stone.

Each stone replacement is carefully hand-crafted by our master stone masons, using traditional tools and methods.

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