Brick Restoration & Replacements

Unloved period homes typically have areas showing defective/eroded/badly retro-installed brickwork.

Finelay Construction can restore any dilapidated/eroded/ badly retro-installed brickwork back to its former glory using the following methods:

Brick Restoration: Cutting back and restoring the defective brick using our specialist methods, typically used on projects that require a large number of repairs.

Brick Replacements: Removing and replacing defective bricks with a like-for-like match.

Brick Restoration & Repair
Brick Restoration & Repair
Finelay Construction

Before & After

Camber Arch Brick Restoration

Camber RestorationCamber Restoration

Type Matched Brick Replacements

Defective Brick Removal & ReplacementDefective Brick Removal & Replacement

Moulded/Sculptured Brick Restoration

Moulded Brick RepairAfter

Original Detail Re-instatement

Brick RepairOriginal Detail Re-instatement

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Brick Restoration Process

Typically performed when projects are showing large numbers of defective bricks, this method is the most cost-effective option opposed to repairing with type matched brick replacements.

The defective brick face is cut back to a sound depth, approximately 15-20mm. Bonding agents, brick colour matched mortar are applied and left to cure.

The area is carefully handcrafted/additional textures applied. The bed and perpend joints are then cut out to match the brick bond.

Additional tones are added if necessary. Leaving the repair undetectable to the surrounding area. We performed over 50 brick restoration repairs for the project that is pictured.

Brick Restoration Process
Brick Restoration for Moulded or Sculpted Bricks

Brick Restoration for Moulded or Sculpted Bricks

Owning a beautiful period property that was constructed using specialist moulded/sculptured bricks that are in a poor state of repair is very common and a cause for concern.

Replacing defective Moulded/Sculptured bricks like for like can be hideously expensive, ranging from £250.00 – £400.00 per item.

Performing Moulded/Sculptured brick repairs with our Brick Restoration Method provides a very cost-effective solution to a very expensive issue.

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