Plinth & Air Vent Replacement

Plinth and air vent replacements finish restoration projects beautifully.

Our plinth work/air vent replacements are bespoke designed, hand crafted, and tailored individually to each project, adding a beautiful finish to restoration projects when performed correctly.

Providing the best advice possible, our master craftsmen will ensure that your plinth and air vent replacement works are beyond sublime.

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Plinth & Air Vent ReplacementPlinth & Air Vent Replacement

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We are available to undertake a free site survey and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Plinth Replacement Process

The original plinth work is first completely removed (any fractures or defective brickworks are separately undertaken). Next, temporary formwork is cut and installed to give the top edge of the plinth a sharp and square edge.

Two separate coats of NHL (natural hydraulic lime) render are then applied to the area. The first coat is left for a minimum of 24 hours to dry sufficiently, before the second coat is carefully hand-floated with bespoke restoration tools until the surface is even in both texture and colour.

The temporary formwork is removed and a tilting fillet is applied to the uppermost edge and, again, float finished to provide the new plinth with maximum water run-off.

Plinth & Air Vent Replacement
Plinth & Air Vent Replacement

An Authentic Finish

Our expertly crafted plinth work enhances the finish of any period restoration. Combined with new period cast iron vents, it will both look beautiful and add a period-correct finish to the area.

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