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What is the most expensive thing you'll ever buy and the biggest thing you'll ever own? Your home.

That's why it's absolutely vital to maintain its structure properly.

Brickwork is tough and durable, but it is continuously exposed to the elements and over time the mortar that holds the bricks together and even the bricks themselves will start to wear and crumble. Wind and rain erode the mortar, water gets inside, icy temperatures will cause that water to freeze – the weather can have any number of consequences for your brickwork. That's why repointing is probably the single most important aspect of exterior maintenance. Repointing is the process by which damaged mortar is replaced or strengthened to make your brickwork stable and secure.

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Finelay Construction is not VAT registered saving you 20% on any work undertaken.

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Brickwork Repointing

Brickwork repointing is a job for experts. Even the most experienced DIY enthusiast will find it a challenge. Ultimately, it's a false saving, because unless you really know what you're doing you could easily end up making matters worse, by raising the mortar level beyond that of the brickwork, which will cause damage to both.

There is no substitute for the kind of professional brickwork repointing services that we at Finelay Construction can offer.

Experienced Professional Repointers

All of our tradesmen are experienced experts in the field of building restoration. Not just in their physical skills but in their detailed knowledge of materials used. Whenever restoring and repointing brickwork you must make sure that the brick colour and tone, the mortar colour and texture and pointing style matches as closely as possible in terms of its strength, permeability and capacity for thermal expansion. And from a purely aesthetic point of view, you'll want the colour and texture of the new to match the old as well.

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